30. Are there low-income families or children who cannot get EAEDC?

Some low-income children and their families cannot get TAFDC and are also not eligible for EAEDC, even though they are needy. This includes:

  • Persons who do not meet the EAEDC noncitizen eligibility rules and are considered "undocumented" or in non-immigrant status. 106 C.M.R. ยง 703.400(D).
  • Pregnant women ineligible for TAFDC who are too early in their pregnancies (TAFDC is available for the last 120 days of a pregnancy). There is no category for pregnancy under EAEDC. However, the pregnant woman may be eligible for EAEDC if she meets the disability rules or one of the other eligibility categories. Sometimes a pregnancy can be sufficiently disabling to qualify her as disabled.
  • Families or individuals who are ineligible for TAFDC because of the TAFDC income or asset rules (like the "lump sum" rules).
  • Children living with adult caretakers unable or unwilling to pursue legal guardianship or custody or to show good cause. See Question 28.