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This section of the website includes documents for related to housing issues. For foreclosure defense materials, including materials for tenants living in property that has been foreclosed on, go to the Foreclosure Defense library section.  The Eviction Process Online Course for Housing Court Lawyer For the Day Volunteers is available here.

Additional materials about housing for the general public can be found in the housing section of If you are a legal services advocate, don’t forget to log in to access restricted materials.

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Western Division Housing Court Reports

11/10/2022 - Various - lock_open
The Western Division Housing Court Reporter is an unofficial compilation of decisions and orders issued by the Western Division Housing... Read more

MLRI HDIP Report 12.15.22

12/15/2022 - Judith Liben, MLRI - lock_open
Article by Judith Liben, MLRI, about the Housing Development Incentive Program

MDPH interpretation of "Reasonable Access"

02/03/2022 - Massachusetts Department of Public Health - lock_open
A request has been made to define reasonable access in regard to the ability of an owner to enter an occupied dwelling unit for the purpose... Read more

Federal Poverty Guidelines - 2023

01/19/2023 - MLRI - lock_open
The charts below set forth the annual, monthly and weekly 2023 Federal Poverty Guidelines (based on HHS thresholds).  In... Read more