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Legal Tactics: Tenants' Rights in Massachusetts (private housing)


Link to the 2008 edition of Legal Tactics: Tenants' Rights in Massachusetts. This handbook provides practical information about tenants' rights in private housing-housing that is owned by an individual or a privately owned company.  Click the "Go to Website" link below to read the book online (on the MassLegalHelp website).

Legal Tactics: Tenants' Rights in Massachusetts is currently being updated.  The updated version should be available in Spring 2016.  An ebook and kindle version for a tablet or smart phone will be available after that time.

  Legal Tactics for Kindle

  Legal Tactics E-pub for Android or I-Devices 

(For instructions on downloading ebooks,  see this information on the MassLegalHelp website.  To be notified by email of updates to the Legal Tactics ebooks, complete this form on the MassLegalHelp website.)

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