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How to respond when a coworker says something offensive

First, when a colleague makes a biased remark, the situation usually feels tense and adversarial, which makes it more likely you’ll freeze... Read more

DTA Assistance Line Phone Menu Flyers

05/26/2023 - MLRI
MLRI created flyers to help older-adults navigate the DTA Assistance Line and access their SNAP balance.  Flyers are available in English... Read more

OLGT 2023-41: Cross Programs: DTA Guidelines for Procedural Mailbox Engagement

05/19/2023 - DTA
The Procedural Mailbox is a resource for resolving policy and procedural issues that staff may encounter. Policy staff assigned to the... Read more

OLGT 2023-40: Cross Programs: New Notice Engine - Replacing EBC Notices

05/19/2023 - DTA
The Department continues to work to enhance and expand client communications. Effective May 19, 2023, many Electronic Benefit... Read more

OLGT 2023-39: Cross Program: Address Confidentiality Program Transfer Procedures and Reminders on Entering Information

05/18/2023 - DTA
The Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) provides survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking with a substitute address... Read more