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Supporting the Economic Security and Health of Older Women of Color

09/01/2021 -
Women of color confront systemic discrimination–on the basis of race, gender, and other characteristics like sexual orientation, gender... Read more

Racial and Ethnic Inequities in Health Care Coverage and Access 2-13-2019

06/09/2021 - Jesse C. Baumgartner, Sara R. Collins, and David C. Radley
This brief examines coverage/access inequities for Black and Latinx/Hispanic adults, with a focus on effects of Medicaid expansion on... Read more

Putting Race Back on the Table: Racial Impact Statements

10/18/2013 - William Kennedy, Gillian Sonnad, and Sharon Hing
Racial impact statements explicitly consider a policy's impact on communities of color.  The process we propose for creating a racial... Read more

Framing in Race-Conscious, Antipoverty Advocacy: A Science-Based Guide to Delivering Your Most Persuasive Message

01/28/2010 - Bill Kennedy, Emily Fisher, and Colin Bailey
Framing builds upon an understanding of the science of cognition that tracks how the brain processes information and prompts certain... Read more

Instituting a Race-Conscious Practice in Legal Aid: One Program’s Effort

05/27/2008 - Mona Tawatao, Colin Bailey, Gary Smith, and Bill Kennedy
Legal Services of Northern California in October 2003 looked at racial disparities in health care, wealth, and housing and concluded that... Read more