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This section includes materials about Medicare and the Medicare Advocacy Project.  Information about Medicare/Medicaid Dual Eligibles can be found in the MassHealth category of the Health Law library section.

Latest Content

02/24/2021 - Medicare Advocacy Project
The attached chart shows information on Medicare costs for 2021, including deductibles, premiums, co-insurance, and amount in... Read more
04/07/2020 - CLA and GBLS
Click the "go to website" below to see a table summarizing key COVID-19 related changes affecting applicants and members in... Read more
03/14/2020 - Medicare Rights Blog
Information from the Medicare Rights Center.
01/15/2020 - The Medicare Advocacy Project
Part D is Medicare’s outpatient prescription drug benefit. It is offered by a private health insurance company, in combination with... Read more

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