Eviction Process Online Course for Housing Court Lawyer For the Day Volunteers


A number of housing courts in Massachusetts have Lawyer for the Day programs where lawyers provide unrepresented tenants and landlords with assistance.  Volunteer lawyers help parties fill out forms and understand basic legal information. Often the Lawyer for the Day will be the only source of legal help for low-income people in housing court.

Learn the law online

Legal services programs in Massachusetts have developed a one-hour online interactive course to help volunteer lawyers learn the basics of eviction law and procedure. Organizations that sponsor Lawyer for the Day programs in your area offer additional substantive law trainings and mentoring programs to prepare volunteers.  See a contact list below.

The course is free. It takes about an hour, although you do not need to complete it in one sitting. You can come back to it at any time and find your place by using the course menu. You can also return to the course at any point to refresh your knowledge.

Note that this course has been updated in January 2022

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Volunteer for a Housing Court Lawyer for the Day program

Your help is needed.  Contact the Lawyer for the Day coordinators listed below to volunteer.  

Or, send an inquiry to info@masslegalservices.org and we'll direct you to the legal services program that coordinates pro bono work in your preferred location.

The following Housing Court Sessions have Lawyer for the Day programs: