1. Who can get EAEDC?

EAEDC covers five basic categories of persons:

■        Disabled persons suffering from an impairment or combination of impairments which will last at least 60 days and which substantially reduces the capacity to work;

■        Persons caring for someone who is disabled;

■        Elders 65 years of age or older;

■        Persons participating in a Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission program.

■        Certain children and their caretakers who are not eligible for TAFDC because they do not meet the TAFDC relationship requirement.

The rest of Part I describes these categories and the rules which apply to them in more detail. However, just because you meet these categorical requirements does not guarantee your eligibility for benefits. You also need to meet the other eligibility conditions (see Part 2 of this Guide) and financial requirements (see Part 3 of this Guide). Be sure to read through all these parts when evaluating your EAEDC eligibility.