25. Can I qualify for EAEDC if I am needed to care for someone in my home?

You can get EAEDC if you are needed to provide constant care in the home for a disabled person (a child, relative or unrelated person) who would otherwise be at risk of institutionalization. 106 C.M.R. § 703.620.

There are special income and asset rules for persons applying under this category. Even though you may have no legal obligation to support the person you are caring for, the EAEDC rules require you to show that she or he does not have income above $1,500 per month or assets above $2,000. 106 C.M.R. § 704.340. None of the income or assets of an SSI recipient are countable. See Questions 46, 49 and 50.

When you apply under this category, DTA will ask you for proof of the person's disability and need for care.

You do not need to go through the EAEDC disability process; a statement on doctor's letterhead is sufficient. The letter will need to verify the disability, the need for constant care, and the risk of institutionalization without constant care.

You will also need to bring in proof not only of your income and assets, but also of the income and assets of the disabled person to whom you provide care.

DTA Policy Guidance:

DTA Online Guide: EAEDC > Categorical Requirements > Caring for the Disabled > Verifying Eligibility of Person Cared For