80. When will you get your TAFDC benefits?

TAFDC benefits are deposited twice a month directly to your bank account or electronic benefits transfer (EBT) account. See Question 81. The date of the deposit depends on the last digit of your Social Security number. You get half of the monthly grant at a time. 106 C.M.R. ยง 706.400.


The day of the first deposit in the month is the beginning of your cyclical month. The cyclical month ends the day before the first deposit would be due in the following month.


Timetable for Deposit of Cash Benefits

Last Digit of Social

Security Number

Day of the Month
First Deposit Second Deposit
0 1 16
1 2 17
2 4 19
3 5 20
4 7 22
5 8 23
6 10 25
7 11 26
8 13 28
9 14 29
Benefits due on Sunday are deposited on Saturday. Benefits due on a holiday are deposited the day before the holiday. Unless it is a leap year, the second February benefit deposit for Social Security number ending in 9 is deposited on the 28th. 

Advocacy Reminders

  • The day of the first deposit in the month is the start of the cyclical month. DTA uses the cyclical month (no the calendar month) to calculate benefits.
  • If you are a new applicant, your first deposit may be on a different day
    of the month than your regular deposit.