44. What can you do if you are getting close to the end of your time limit?

Your benefits will not end after 24 months if you get an exemption, a waiver, or an extension.

Exemptions include exemptions for disability, caring for a disabled child or certain other family members, caring for a child under age two, the last weeks of pregnancy, non-parent caretaker not on the grant, and other exemptions listed in Question 36.

Waivers include domestic violence waivers (see Question 43).

Extensions of the time limit are discussed in Questions 45, 46, 47, and 48.

Advocacy Reminders

  • You can continue to receive benefits if you start a new five-year eligibility period even if you do not have an exemption, an extension or a waiver. See Question 34.
  • If you are not the parent of the child you are caring for, you should continue to receive benefits for the child even if you have reached your time limit. See Question 32.