25. How do you ask DTA for an accommodation?

DTA is supposed to ask you if you have a disability and need an accommodation. DTA is supposed to ask these questions at application, at reevaluation, and any time you are being interviewed or assessed. You can ask for an accommodation at these times, or at any time that you need one.
You can ask your DTA worker for an accommodation, or you can talk to the Client Assistance Coordinator in your DTA office. Each DTA office has a Client Assistance Coordinator who can help with the accommodation process and other disability related needs. Appendix E (DTA Online Guide Links). You or your advocate can also submit a written request for accommodation. It is helpful if the request explains what you need and why
Once you ask for an accommodation, DTA should work with you to figure out how it can meet your needs. For example, if you ask for something DTA says it cannot do, instead of denying your request, DTA should discuss other options with you.
DTA does not usually ask for medical proof that you need the accommodation.  If DTA does ask for medical proof, you can ask the Client Assistance Coordinator to help you get it.

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