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Note: During the COVID-19 public health emergency, if you get SNAP, your household will get the maximum benefit for your household size - so your SNAP benefit amount may be even higher than the amount shown as part of the calculator results. Click the above link to learn more. 

1. Online SNAP calculator for MA residents:

Here is a link to an online SNAP calculator that you can use right from your browser or mobile device, without downloading anything!

If you are less familiar with the rules, you can contact a Food Source Hotline counselor at Project Bread's FoodSource Hotline for a free consulation about SNAP eligibility.

2. SNAP Exel Calculator (download): 

You can also download a detailed/ printable Excel "calculator" to estimate the amount of benefits. This calculator is designed for advocates or others familiar with Excel and the SNAP rules. 

This calculator has SNAP math calculations to get at detailed situations - such as identifying detailed shelter or child care costs, calculating child support from earned income, and special rules for seniors 60+ or persons with disabilities. It performs a Bay State Cap calculation for SSI-only households with no earnings. You can then print out a summary sheet of the calculations.  It is current as of October 1, 2020.  It does NOT apply to households with members who have been sanctioned due to an Intentional Program Violation or for certain households with ineligible immigrant members subject to special SNAP math rules. To learn more about these situations, review the MLRI SNAP Advocacy Guide. For households of more than 2 who are not entitled to the minimum benefit and who are eligible for between $1 and $15, this calculator will incorrectly display $0. 

3. SNAP Worksheet (print out): 

The SNAP calculation worksheet is a one page worksheet for manual calculations.  

NOTE: These calculators and worksheet are intended as a convenience tool only and will result in an estimate of benefit amounts; DTA makes the final determination of eligibility and benefits amount.

Finally, if you or your client have income from a rental property, we also have an excel worksheet that you can download to help calculate the net income for SNAP purposes (the figures in this excel worksheet are not kept up to date, so it can only provide an estimate).

4. Excel Calculators from past time periods (useful to calculate underpayments or check accuracy of alleged overpayments)

The following detailed calculators for prior periods can also be downloaded: January 15, 2020-Sept 30,2020Oct. 1, 2019-Jan. 14, 2020, Jan 11, 2019-Sept 30, 2019Oct 1,2018-Jan.10, 2019,  Jan18, 2018 to Sept 30, 2018Oct 1, 2017 to Jan 17, 2018Feb 1 2016 to Sept 30 2017Oct 1, 2016 to Jan 31, 2017  Feb 1 to Sept 30, 2016.  Jan 4. to Jan. 31 2016 Oct. 1, 2014-Jan. 3, 2016Jan 20 - Sept 30, 2015,  Oct 1, 2014-Jan.19, 2015March, 2014-Sept. 30, 2014,  Jan. 31, 2014-Feb 28, 2014,  Nov. 1, 2013-Jan. 31, 2014  Oct 1, 2013-Oct 31, 2013   Jan 1, 2013-Sept. 30, 2013.

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