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Upcoming MassHealth bills

Sept 28, 2021 11-3 pm Joint Health Care Finance Committee Hearing

Please consider submitting written testimony or testifying in support of these bills. See the attached fact sheets & links for more information.


WRITTEN TESTIMONY: Written testimony may be submitted to the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing via E-mail to the House and Senate Chairs at and as well as the Committee Director Committee Director at

MassHealth Estate Recovery Reform H. 1246 and S. 749. An Act protecting the homes of seniors and disabled people on MassHealth. (Lead Sponsors, Rep. Barber & Sen. Comerford) This bill limits the situations in which MassHealth can recoup correctly paid benefits from the probate estate of deceased MassHealth members age 55 or older and makes other reforms. See attached Talking Points.

Reinstating three-month retroactive coverage for MassHealth members under age 65. An Act to restore the effective date of MassHealth coverage for new applicants. H. 3873 and S. 737 (Lead Sponsors Rep. Carolyn C. Dykema and Sen. Joseph Boncore) This bill allows people under 65 to have medical bills incurred within 3 months of application paid by MassHealth if they were eligible at the time the bill was incurred. (This rule already applies to people 65 and older). See attached Fact Sheet.

Increasing the resource limits for seniors to qualify for MassHealthH. 1318 and S. 793. An Act to update Medicaid resource limits for seniors. (Lead sponsors Rep. Ultrino & Rep Decker and Sen. Lewis & Sen DiDomenico). This bill increases the resource standard from the current $2000/3000 (individual/couple) which has not been updated in decades to $4000/6000 and to no longer counts certain life insurance policies as resources. 

Expanding eligibility for the Medicare Savings ProgramH. 1319 and S. 794. An Act regarding Medicare saving program eligibility. (Lead sponsors Rep. Ultrino & Rep Decker and Sen. Lewis & Sen DiDomenico) This bill raises the upper income limit from the current 130-165% of poverty to 165-200% of poverty to qualify for help with Medicare costs including Pt B premiums. See Fact Sheet by Mass. Senior Action Council here