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Segment I: Working with Interpreters

Language barriers create an added layer of difficultly when trying to understand, advise or represent a client who is limited English proficient or Deaf/Hard of Hearing.  This segment is designed to give you some background and basic tools regarding the role of an interpreter and how to communicate more effectively when using an interpreter.


1) The Working with Interpreters Tip Sheet outlines for more effective communication when meeting with a client who is LEP or Deaf/HOH and an interpreter.


2) This video gives a basic interview of how to and how not to work with an interpreter to avoid confusion and create a relationship of trust with your client.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: Working with an Interpreter - (5 minutes)

This video was created by Legal Services New Jersey and is also available in Spanish, Korean & Haitian Creole.


3) This video is directed toward attorneys working in Washington State, but is useful for anyone using an interpreter. It provides a basic framework for what an interpreter is, how to work with an interpreter and answers questions such as, "Why use an interpreter?" and "Who qualifies as an interpreter?".

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: Tips for Attorneys Working with Interpreters - (14 minutes)

This video was created by Northwest Justice Project through a TIG from the Legal Services Corporation


For additional resources on interpretation and translation, visit the Interpretation, Translation & Working with LEP Populations section of the MLS Language Access Library.


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