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Last chance on SNAP sign on letter: P-EBT updates; Economic impact payment outreach; More data on food insecurity

It’s almost the weekend! Here’s some timely information before you shut down your home computer screen. 

SNAP Support Letter to US Senate and White House: Deadline Extended to COB TODAY - Friday June 12th

Please join MLRI, over 40 MA organizations and our national partners TODAY in signing a letter urging Congress and the White House to a) immediately boost Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and b) make investments in other critical nutrition programs with proven health and economic impacts.  Sign On Here by Friday, June 12 by 5 PM EST.  Note: this letter is for organizations only.

After you sign, we urge you to circulate this letter to sister orgs. Senate leadership and the administration need to hear the urgency of boosting SNAP benefits — and they need to hear it now and from every corner of the country.

P-EBT Benefit Access Issues

Just wanted to remind SNAP Coalition members that if you hear from families having difficulty PIN-ing their P-EBT cards they should reach out to the DTA  and to Project Bread Food Source Hotline. These may be the likely scenarios you’re hearing about:

·         Families with P-EBT cards but need the child’s Case Number to PIN the card: They can get the child’s Case # through DTAConnect HERE.  

·         Families with P-EBT cards and the Case # but having other problems PIN-ing their cards:  Note, there may be other data problems involved. Please urge families reach out Project Bread Food Source Hotline: (800) 645-8333

·         Families who were on their school’s list for P-EBT but they did NOT receive P-EBT cards:  First, some P-EBT cards may still be in the mail. If the card does not arrive by June 15thOR if the has family moved or the school had the wrong address, contact Project Bread Food Source Hotline.

·         For MORE P-EBT information and FAQs, go here:

Outreach needed to ensure low income households receive Economic Impact Payments

About 12 million Americans risk missing out on the stimulus payments provided through the recent CARES Act because they, unlike millions of people who are receiving the payments automatically from the IRS, must file a form by October 15 to receive it.  Our colleagues at the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) have prepared a new analysis on the estimated 12 million people who are eligible for EIPs but who must file an online form with the IRS to claim the funds. This includes nearly 160K Massachusetts residents!

The CBPP paper provides demographic information about the group, state-by-state numbers and  suggestions for steps that states and community service providers can take to help very vulnerable individuals claim the substantial EIP payment ($1,200 for adults and $500 for children).  CBPP also developed outreach resources including FAQs, an informational flyer, sample social media posts, and outreach templates (blog post, press release, and emails), available through CBPP’s Get it Back campaign. We will focus on this issue in upcoming SNAP Coalition meetings. 

Growing Food Insecurity in Massachusetts – Data and Media:

·         Northwestern University just released the Census Household Pulse Survey (CHHPS) dataState-by-State Estimates of Food Insufficiency and Insecurity in the U.S., finding that food insecurity is more than two times what it was prior to COVID-19.  Food insecurity in MA going from 8.1% predicted in 2020 to now 20% for April and May 2020.  

·         State by State Food Insecurity comparing food insecurity by state – pre and post COVID-19.  This data may be useful in both your advocacy work and with foundations. 

·         Thanks to the great work of Project Bread in highlighting more resources to help families get through the summer months. Check out this 6/9/20 Globe story.

·         See also this week’s Greater Boston Food Bank on rising food insecurity and what you can do to help, WGBH story 6/8/2020

·         See also Politico article of 6/8/2020 reporting on Food Banks Pushed to the Brink

Also attached, some great fliers (English and Spanish) produced by the Greater Boston Food Bank to support their partners in SNAP awareness and outreach. 

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