DTA Connect updates + Video Remote Interpreting for Deaf/hard of hearing clients

DTAConnect.com updates:
You can help clients apply online and (with proper permission) view case information through DTAConnect.com. For more information about DTA Connect online and the DTA Connect mobile app, visit Masslegalservices.org/DTAConnect. 
Remember: In order to access DTA Connect (the app or online) a helping agency should have proper authorization from the client. 
3 updates regarding DTA Connect:
  • Interim Reports and Recertifications can now be submitted online through a client's DTAConnect.com account. 
  • DTA's online SNAP application requires a mailing address for submission. If a client applying for SNAP online does not have a mailing address, they can apply with a paper application or in a local DTA office. Or, with permission, they can select an address for mail to be sent to a friend, family member, helping organization, or other trusted person. Clients do not need a fixed address to be eligible for SNAP (see the SNAP Advocacy Guide for more information). 
  • You can now view notices issued to a client on DTAConnect.com going back 18 months. You may need to click the "filter" button and manually enter the date range you wish to view. 
Video Remote Interpreting now available for Deaf/hard of hearing clients:
As part of the Harper litigation settlement, DTA has implemented Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) at 5 DTA offices (Harper was a lawsuit filed by Greater Boston Legal Services to ensure clients with disabilities are properly served by DTA). 

VRI is an auxiliary aid to communicate with Deaf and hard of hearing individuals using remote American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter services. The following DTA offices are now equipped to provide VRI for communicating with Deaf and hard of hearing walk-in clients who are proficient using ASL:
  • Brockton
  • Newmarket Square
  • Lawrence
  • Springfield Center
  • Worcester
For more information about VRI and DTA protocol for assisting clients who are Deaf or hard of hearing, click here to read DTA's VRI guidance.