DTA Connect - apply for SNAP, get case information, or send documents to DTA!


What is DTA Connect?

DTA Connect is DTA’s mobile app and online portal to see case information for people who have applied for or get DTA benefits. DTA Connect.com also has an online SNAP application.  

DTA Connect services are a great way for low income households and community organizations to quickly get DTA case information AND a fast way of sending documents to DTA!

What is the DTA Connect online portal?

DTAConnect.com is DTA’s online hub for customer service. It includes:

  • Online SNAP application in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Haitian Creole, and Vietnamese.
  • Online portal for DTA clients or their advocates (with proper permission) to look at information about a DTA case or send in documents to DTA online (including Interim Reports or Recertifications).

How do I apply for SNAP through DTA Connect?

You can access the online SNAP application at DTAConnect.com on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Click “Apply Now!” or go directly to DTAConnect.com.

Follow the application directions. The application will ask for information about you and other people you live with who are part of your SNAP households.

For more information about applying for SNAP, see the SNAP Advocacy Guide.

Where can I find more information about what I can do with DTAConnect?

You can report changes, send in documents, view notices from DTA, see your balance and more. Visit DTA's website to learn more: Mass.gov/DTAConnect


Can I use the DTA Connect mobile app or the DTA Connect online portal to see information about my client's DTA case?

Yes! But, you must have permission from the client and have sent DTA authorization giving you or your organization permission to talk with DTA and review case information. Click here for sample release forms in English and Spanish that covers DTA electronic records.

For more information about the role of an assisting person or helping organization, click here.