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DTA Connect - apply for SNAP, get case information, or send documents to DTA!


What is DTA Connect?

DTA Connect is DTA’s mobile app and online portal to see case information for people who have applied for or get DTA benefits. DTA also has an online SNAP application.  

DTA Connect services are a great way for low income households and community organizations to quickly get DTA case information AND a fast way of sending documents to DTA!

What is the DTA Connect online portal? is DTA’s online hub for customer service. It includes:

  • Online SNAP application in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Vietnamese.
  • Online portal for DTA clients or their advocates (with proper permission) to look at information about a DTA case or send in documents to DTA online.

How do I apply for SNAP through DTA Connect?

You can access the online SNAP application at on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Click “Apply Now!” or go directly to

Follow the application directions. The application will ask for information about you and other people you live with who are part of your SNAP households.

For more information about applying for SNAP, see the SNAP Advocacy Guide.

Step 1: Go to and click on “Apply Now!’”

Step 2: Once you have reached the page titled “Before you start,” read the text below and click “Get Started.”

Step 3: Follow the on-screen prompts and enter the information requested about yourself, your household, your household income, and your household expenses.

Note: You can legally submit your application any time after entering your name and address and electronically signing the application. But, the more information you include, the easier it is for DTA to process your application. 

Step 4: Once you get to the “Sign & submit” page, it is important to review the Rights, Responsibilities and Penalties. After you review, click “I agree to the terms,” sign the application by typing your full name in the box below, and click “Submit application.”

Advocacy Notes: The online application currently does tell people about their right not to include a Social Security Number or non-citizen information. Federal rules are clear that applicants do not need to give DTA the Social Security Number or citizenship status for noncitizens who are not applying for SNAP, even if they live together. Income of the person opting out will still be counted, but their SSN or non-citizen information does not need to be included.

Contact MLRI if you or your client has an issue because of this.  

What else can I do on the DTA Connect online portal?

The DTA Connect Online portal gives you real time information on your DTA benefits including:

  • Case status, monthly benefit amount, next benefit issue date, EBT card balance, and recertification due date.
  • The names of the other household members
  • The amount and date of all benefits issued.
  • Copies of DTA notices going back 18 months.
  • List of documents received by DTA in the past 18 months with document type, status, and date received. Note: “Available” means DTA has not reviewed the document yet. “Entered” means a DTA worker reviewed (processed) the document.
  • Ability to submit verifications online (if they are saved as a PDF or image).

Follow these steps to create a DTA Connect online account:

Step 1: Go to and click on “Create Your Online Account.”

Step 2: Enter your email address, first and last name, date of birth, and create a password for your account. Then click “Create Account.”

Step 3:  After entering your information, a window will appear that says “Registration Successful.” In that window, click “Login.” Enter the email that you used to create your online account and the password that you just created.

Step 4: If you are already getting DTA benefits, click “Connect to my DTA info.”

Step 5: You now need to enter another piece of information. Fill out one of the options:

  • SNAP Web Application Number,
  • DTA Agency ID (listed on all DTA notices),
  • Your Social Security Number (if you have one), OR
  • Your EBT Card Number

Step 6: You should now have access to your DTA Connect online account. Please note that you may have to enter your information each time that you log in.

Note: You can use multiple email addresses for a single DTA Connect account. However, once an email address is linked to an account, it cannot be used for another account. Domestic violence clients with a heightened level of security on their case or clients who have asked for online services to be blocked will not be able to see their case information on the DTA Connect online portal. For more information about blocking online services, see the SNAP Advocacy Guide Question 31. 

What is the DTA Connect mobile app?

The DTA Connect mobile app is a free app that can be downloaded for iPhones at the App store or for Androids on Google play. The DTA Connect mobile app can be used on a smartphone or tablet (such as an iPad). Once the app is downloaded, clients can log in with their Social Security Number and year of birth to see information about their case.

Clients whose cases are active (open) or pending can log in. Clients whose case is closed but was open in the previous 90 days can also log in. Domestic violence clients with a heightened level of security on their case or clients who have asked for online services to be blocked will not be able to see their case information on the DTA Connect mobile app. For more information about blocking online services, see the SNAP Advocacy Guide Question 31. 

What can I do with the DTA Connect mobile app?

1. Quickly see information about a DTA benefits case. The DTA Connect mobile app includes a lot of case information, such as:

  • Case status, monthly benefit amount, next benefit issue date, EBT card balance and recertification due date
  • Alerts including upcoming appointments or deadlines
  • Copies of notices sent in the previous 90 days
  • Whether documents submitted in the previous 90 days have been processed

2. Send DTA documents - faster and easier than fax or mail! You can send DTA verifications or documents by taking a picture in the app. When you send the picture through the app, the documents will go directly to the client's case record! This means a DTA worker can look at them much faster than if you fax or mail in documents.

3. Update DTA with current contact information

  • Tell DTA about a new address or phone number
  • Opt-in or opt-out of text messages from DTA

Note: Currently, the DTA Connect mobile app also lets a client enter an email address and sign up for eNotification. This may mean they will no longer get paper notices in the mail. We do not encourage this!

4. Ask for a letter verifying the amount of benefits a household gets from DTA.

Can I use the DTA Connect mobile app or the DTA Connect online portal to see information about my client's DTA case?

Yes! But, you must have permission from the client and have sent DTA authorization giving you or your organization permission to talk with DTA and review case information. Click here for sample release forms in English and Spanish that covers DTA electronic records.

For more information about the role of an assisting person or helping organization, click here.

Where can I find more information?

DTA's website:

DTA's YouTube videos about the DTA Connect mobile app:

English -

Spanish -

Also attached are some simple flyers from DTA in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 


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