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Sample briefs, pleadings, client advice letters, advocacy letters and comments prepared by advocates that can be used as models by other advocates.

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David Siegal, Robert Cordy, Crispin Birnbaum, Pauline Quirion
Fairness for Farmworkers Coalition
Kate Symmonds, MLRI
MLRI, GBLS, HLA and HCFA; NHeLP and Justice in Aging
Harvard Legal Aid Bureau
Harvard Legal Aid Bureau
Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Victims Law Center/ GBLS/ Various
National Immigration Law Center (NILC)
Jamie Andree, JD & Theo Ciccarelli Cornetta, JD
MLRI and 9 others
Vicky Pulos & Teresita Ramos
Deborah Harris and Victoria Negus
Vicky Pulos and others