Fact sheet & Letters to FY 18 Conference Committee on Last Minute MassHealth Reform Proposals

MLRI, ACT Coalition

On June 20, the Governor asked the conference committee to include a package of reforms in the budget for the fiscal year staring July 1, 2017 including damaging cuts to MassHealth eligibility and benefits.  Attached is a two- page fact sheet with our critical concerns and longer letters from MLRI and the ACT Coalition to the Conference Committee CoChairs and the House Speaker and Senate President analyzing the serious problems with these hasty and ill-considered proposals. Also letters from EMPATH on behalf of working families & Disability Policy Consortium and Independent Living Centers and the Harvard Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation. Also MLRI cover letter to Governor.

UPDATE: The FY 2018 budget did not include the MassHealth cuts! But EOHHS has released for comment proposed amendments to the 1115 waiver to implement the cuts and further legislation may be forthcoming in September.