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Welcome to the translated document bank. In order to maximize the use of resources of legal service organizations, this document bank provides a template of already translated documents that can be used across organizations.

In order to be posted, the document must meet the following criteria:

  • Posted with an English version of the document,
  • Translated by someone with translation experience (i.e. professional translator, qualified bilingual staff, translation firm, etc.), and
  • Reviewed by at least one additional fluent (preferably native) speaker of the target language.

Additional Best Practices:

  • Documents should be in plain English before they are translated into the target language.
  • Translated documents should be sent to the client with an English version to assist client helpers (unless there are confidentiality issues).
  • Any document that has been edited should be reviewed by a bilingual individual in the target language before being used.

You may add documents to this translated document bank by sending an email to To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Use the email account associated with your MLS loggin,
  2. Enter in the "to" field of your email,
  3. Write the name of the document as the subject line of your email,
  4. Write a short description of the document in the body of your email, it will appear as the description of your post,
  5. Make sure that the first line of the body of your email says -  library: language-access

You may also contact Moriah Nelson,, to post a document. The language access moderator reserves the right to review and approve or reject documents before posting.

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Sandy Yeung, GBLS