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Updated SNAP Calculators and Worksheets for your Advocacy!

The federal Department of Health and Human Services announced a cost of living adjustment (COLA) in the federal poverty level on January 26th.

This COLA directly affects the SNAP 200% gross income test - the income test which applies to families with children, pregnant women and households with an elder/disabled persons. This COLA increase does not affect the other gross or net income tests or benefit amounts. 

MLRI has updated the SNAP calculation worksheet here:  And the MLRI excel file calculator has also been adjusted, here:

In addition, in case you are hungry for more numbers, here is a link to three at-a-glance worksheets, updated by our terrific intern, Danielle Cruz!  You may find them handy in your advocacy to give clients a sense of the benefits based on income, household size and allowable deductions.  Note that the actual benefit depends on the client's actual income and expenses - so these are just for general information.