SSI Payment Charts and Income Thresholds 2016

Disability Law Center

The 2016 Massachusetts SSI/SSP Payment level and threshold charts for 2016 contain maximum benefit levels by categorically eligibility type, living arrangement, and marital status.  Actual payment levels start by determining the maximum benefit level for the individual’s demographic and then deducting countable income.

 There is no COLA in 2016 so there has been no change in the SSI/SSP benefit levels established in 2015.  The COLA is determined by considering changes in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (the CPI-W).

 Note that the maximum Title II benefit (retirement and disability insurance benefit) decreased (from $2663 in 2015 to $2639 in 2016).   This happens when there is no COLA but there is an increase in the national wage index.  

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