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Pro Se Eviction Forms

MLRI, et al

The following sample pro se eviction forms can be found on the MassLegalHelp website  (click the "Go to Website" link below):

  • Sample Summary Process Complaint
  • Sample Execution
  • Lockout/Utility Shut-off Demand Letter
  • Motion to Dismiss
  • Representing Yourself in an Eviction
  • Housing Code Checklist
  • The Answer: How to Defend Your Eviction
  • Discovery: Getting Information for Trial
  • Discovery: for Tenants and Former Owners in Foreclosed Properties
  • Transfer Form
  • Removing Default
  • Where Do You File an Appeal
  • Appeals in Housing and Superior Courts
  • Appeals in District Courts
  • Getting Time to Stay If You Lost Your Case
  • Indigency Affidavit: Asking for Court Costs
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