OLGT 2024-7: Cross Program: Language Updates for TAFDC parents who have additional requirements due to their age.


As part of the TAFDC Pathways to Work program redesign, the Department
has made several changes to how economic assistance and engagement staff
support clients in connecting to and participating in activities and meeting
the work and school rules. This work also affects how these rules are
operationalized for clients through language, procedural, and system

The terms “Teen Parent” and “Young Parent” are being phased out of
guidance as we change the language we use with families. “Parent Under
20” and “Parent Under 22” will now be used to identify parents who have
additional requirements due to their age. These language changes provide
clarity and avoid stigmatization. These changes took effect on August 14,

Also, The Teen Parent Living Program (TLP) is now known as the Young
Parent Living Program (YPLP). All forms, brochures, and associated Online
Guide pages have been updated to reflect this name change.

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