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No mtg today, homeless liaisons, FNS NERO org chart + trainings

There is no SNAP Coalition meeting today! The next Zoom will be next Tuesday, 2/23 from 10-11:30 AM. Agenda and Zoom link to come later this week. 
New - DTA Homeless Liaisons for each local DTA office area 
Due to DTA's concerns and concerns expressed by this Coalition and others regarding access during the pandemic for homeless clients, DTA has created the role of a "homeless liaison" in each area of the state with a local office.  DTA describes the role of a Homeless Liaison "as a reliable point of contact with partners at local shelters, housing programs, and community-based organizations working with clients experiencing homelessness and housing instability."  As shared at the most recent Coalition meetings, DTA is working on compiling contact information for local community organizations - in the meantime, if you are looking for a point of contact at DTA, email Sean Beasley, who is a Regional Director spearheading this work at DTA. His email is
USDA's Food and Nutrition Service New England Regional Office (FNS NERO) org chart 
Thank you again to FNS NERO for attending last Tuesday's SNAP Coalition meeting! Attached is the region's organizational chart, with the names of the New England Regional Office team and contact points/emails for community organization contacts. 
Upcoming MCLE Basic Benefits trainings - Health Care and Unemployment 

Health Care Access, February 25 from 9:30- 4 PM: This training is designed to help attendees understand Medicaid and other subsidized health programs available to people under age 65 in Massachusetts. The program provides an overview of the eligibility requirements for MassHealth, ConnectorCare and other programs and the process for applying and enrolling in coverage. It also provides an update on any significant changes to health access programs in the prior year. It reviews the way MassHealth beneficiaries obtain access to covered services including changes in the delivery of MassHealth services by Accountable Care Organizations. Trainers also supply troubleshooting tips for resolving common eligibility and access to service problems in MassHealth and the Connector. This training gives outreach workers, social workers, providers, and advocates an up-to-date nuts-and-bolts overview of eligibility issues, and teaches them how to assist their patients and clients in becoming enrolled, maintaining coverage, and using their benefits. The training is designed for new advocates but will also be helpful for experienced advocates looking for a review and update. Click here to register and to learn more. 
Unemployment Benefits, March 11 from 1 - 4:30 PM: Unemployment insurance (UI) is a critical safety net during periods of joblessness. This seminar provides you with the expertise you need to understand the UI system and to help your clients get the UI benefits to which they are legally entitled. The expert panel guides you through the entire UI system from eligibility criteria to the appeals process. Click here to register and to learn more. 
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