New MassHealth Unit for Problem Cases


New Escalation Protocol for Problem MassHealth Cases: The Service Solution Unit (SSU)

MassHealth is standing up a new process to “escalate” problem MassHealth cases after initial attempts to resolve an issue with MassHealth Customer Service or the MassHealth Enrollment Center or other units within MassHealth have not been successful.  Attached is a PowerPoint explaining how to send a secure email with client identifying information to the SSU. They ask that requests for assistance be sent using a standardized template shown in the PPT. Requests for assistance can be categorized as Level 1 urgent, Level 2 risk of loss of coverage or Level 3 general information. The range of issues that they can address is very broad. SSU will refer cases to other Subject Matter Experts (SME) within MassHealth when needed. The subject line should indicate the “Group.” There are three Groups:  Eligibility, Program, and Long Term Cases. The usual confidentiality rules apply so advocates will need to have release forms or authorizations on file in order to receive a reply. If your query goes through, you should initially receive an acknowledgment with a ticket number.

UPDATE: The Feb 2024 powerpoint is simpler & easier to follow but we have retained the October 2023 powerpoint because it provides a little more detail and background information.

TIPS: If your email goes through, you will get an immediate reply with a ticket number. Some advocates report that SSU responds promptly but does not always send an email informing the sender of the outcome. If you haven't received more than the ticket number after a reasonable time given the urgency of your request, write back using the ticket number and ask for the status.

Remember to send the email using your organization's secure email system. 


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