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MassHealth Workgroups on 1115 Renewal -9/22 to apply

MassHealth has operated under a comprehensive 1115 Demonstration program for most people under 65 and not needing nursing home care since 1997. The 1115 Demo has been renewed at 3 to 5 year intervals ever since then.  The current demonstration authorization period runs from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2022.
In July 2021 MassHealth anticipates submitting a renewal of the demonstration for another five year period to begin July 1, 2022. 
In preparation for the next renewal,MassHealth is forming three workgroups and  asking individuals interested in participating in one of the workgroups to submit a  nomination form by Sept. 22, 2020. 
The MassHealth announcement is below as well as a link to more information on CommBuys. Attached are 3 documents on the CommBuys website: An overview of the  1115 renewal process;  a description of the three work groups, and a nomination form.
Please consider nominating yourself, particularly if your voice can help design a MassHealth program more responsive to the needs and interests of MassHealth beneficiaries.

From: MassHealth.Innovations

Date: Aug 31, 2020


MassHealth’s 1115 demonstration waiver provides federal authorization for significant components of the MassHealth program, including MassHealth’s accountable care organizations (ACOs), many behavioral health services covered by MassHealth, expanded eligibility for groups such as individuals with disabilities, and support for uncompensated care and safety net providers. MassHealth’s most recent 1115 demonstration began in 2017, and expires in June, 2022.

MassHealth’s next 1115 demonstration renewal will begin in 2022, and the process for developing the proposal for that waiver renewal is now starting. Beginning this fall, MassHealth will conduct stakeholder engagement to discuss improvements to the MassHealth program that are aimed at building upon the current 1115 demonstration waiver. This effort will be a second phase of the delivery system restructuring efforts that led to the creation of ACOs in 2018. One of the key components of this engagement will be three procured stakeholder work groups, focused on topical issues relevant to MassHealth’s 1115 strategy. In addition to these workgroups, MassHealth will solicit broad public input through open meetings and opportunities to submit written feedback.

Solicitation materials for individuals to apply to participate in the workgroups can be found here on COMMBUYS.


MassHealth looks forward to receiving responses from a diverse and robust set of stakeholders.

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