March 1 Updated Income limits & end of asset test for MSP


MassHealth updates its income upper limits for 2024 on March 1.

The federal government publishes the updated poverty level amounts in late January every year and MassHealth applies them on March 1. 
The Health Connector updates its upper income limits based on the poverty level in effect in November so those limits for 2024 are still based on the 2023 poverty level.
MLRI's Table of Upper Income Limits in MassHealth, HSN, CMSP, MSP and ConnectorCare, updated for March 1, 2024, is here
On MassHealth's website, the MassHealth Desk Guide for 2024 should soon be replacing the 2023 Desk Guide posted here

Medicare Savings Programs have no asset test effective March 1

On March 1, 2024 the Massachusetts Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) no longer have an asset test. A helpful MSP FAQ from MassHealth & EOEA is attached. 
Updated March 1 information about MSP including a new application form should be posted on MassHealth's MSP website soon. 

MassHealth will be redetermining eligibility for people with Social Security Income on or after March 1

SSA announces its Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) in the fall and updates benefits effective in January. Because MassHealth doesn't apply the updated poverty levels until March 1, MassHealth rules do not count the amount of the Social Security Income that represents the current year COLA until March 1. See, 130 CMR 520.015 (F). 
On or after March 1 MassHealth takes account of the Social Security COLA and may make new determinations. This year that should enable more Medicare beneficiaries who now only have Health Safety Net to qualify for MSP. It may also result in other eligibility changes but this year the SSA COLA of 3.2% across the board and the increase in the FPL, which may be a different percentage increase based on family size, are similar (3.29% for one person).

MLRI Basic Benefit Training Series

If you missed our BBT Health Access Training on Feb 29, 2024, the materials are here Thanks to our wonderful trainers for their help.
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