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Q. 1. I had received my client’s Interim Report (IR) before the closing date, the case was initiated, but there
were still missing income verifications. Before the 30th day, I received the client’s missing income
verifications. Can I reopen this SNAP case back to the date of closing?
A. 1. Yes. If otherwise eligible, reopen this case back to the date of closing. For more information, refer to
Operations Memo 2011-31 and Operations Memo 2011-43.

Q. 2. A client did not return his IR form and accordingly his SNAP case closed. Twenty days after the
SNAP closing, the client returned a completed IR. Twenty-two days after the closing, the client
supplied all of his required verifications. How and when is this SNAP case reopened?
A. 2. Using the information from the now completed IR form, open this case back to the date you received
the IR. In this case, the SNAP benefits would be prorated to account for the client’s 20-day delay.
For more details, see 106 CMR 366.340.

Q. 3. What happens if my SNAP client ends up returning his completed IR more than 30 days after his case
closes for failing to complete an IR?
A. 3. If more than 30 days have passed since this IR closing, conduct a new application interview with your
client. The completed IR can serve as the application form and the SNAP household becomes eligible
for benefits as of the date the IR was received.

Q. 4. What verifications are required with a completed IR?
A. 4. Required verifications include:

  • an SSN, if adding a new household member; and
  • any change in residence.

Additionally, the verifications below are only required if the change will cause a benefit increase:

  • any earned income decreases of $100 or more;
  • any unearned income decreases of $50 or more; and
  • any new income.

Refer to Field Operations Memo 2010-55 for more details on verification requirements.

Q. 5. If a client reports that her dependent care, shelter or utility expenses have increased, is the selfdeclaration
on the IR considered sufficient verification?
A. 5. Yes. Dependent care, shelter and utility expense verifications can be self-declared on the IR.
Note: For information on how to verify medical expenses, refer to the Medical Deductions Job Aid,
in Policy Online.

Q. 6. I was reviewing my client’s IR and noticed that he forwarded wage stubs along with his completed
form. The wage information showed a $20 weekly pay raise. Am I required to enter this new wage
information into BEACON?
A. 6. Yes. Although your client was not required to report wage increases or decreases of less than $100,
he nevertheless sent this updated wage information to you, and it will impact his SNAP benefit
amount. Therefore, the information must be entered into the system.

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