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The Department of Transitional Assistance frequently issues policy clarifications that do not go through the public rule-making process. These can be important in benefits advocacy. DTA regularly issues items known as From the Hotline (Hotline Foci), FYIs and Quality Corner reports as part of its monthly "Transitions" newsletter for its field staff.  They also issue policy reminders to staff via emails.

Copies of the Transitions newsletter are posted in the Benefits library section, organized by year.  Each page has the newsletters for an entire year.  Click on the Transitions link in the column to the left, select the year you are interested in, and download the relevant Transitions newsletter. 

In addition, many of the most useful From the Hotline entries, FYIs and Quality Corner reports are posted in this category as well.  To browse these items by year, scroll down the column to the left until you find the year that you are interested in.

If you are looking for other types of DTA materials, including Operations Memoranda and Online Transmittals and Forms, select the appropriate category from the links in the column to the left.

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