Hotline 1/12: Index 2011


From the Hotline Index
A “From the Hotline” Index of the questions and answers published in Transitions during 2011 has been
compiled below. The Index is intended to provide quick access to policy and procedural information. Please
remember that this Index explains policy/procedure as of the month and year in which the question and
answer were issued.

Emergency Aid to the Elderly, Disabled and Children Program:

Topic                                                Month         Related Procedure/Policy (106 CMR:)
Competent Medical Authority               June                        701.600(H)
Development of Other Benefits             November                 702.700
Disability, responsibility in verifying       June                        702.315
Heightened Level of Security                April                         Field Operations Memo 2010-50
Noncitizen                                          October                    320.620(A)
                                                         November                 320.620(A)

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program:

Topic                                                  Month                Related Procedure/Policy (106 CMR:)
Annual Reporting                                  August                      Operations Memo 2011-31
                                                           December                 Operations Memo 2011-31
Applications                                         March                       Field Operations Memo 2006-30
                                                                                           Field Operations Memo 2007-16
                                                                                           Field Operations Memo 2007-39
                                                                                           Field Operations Memo 2008-59
Certification Period                                     December            Field Operations Memo 2008-14
Citizen                                                      October                362.210
Cuban/Haitian Entrant                                 November             Field Operations Memo 2007-52
Dependent Care Expense Deduction            July                      364.400
Duplicate Issuance                                     December             362.100Education Loans, Grants and
Education loans, grants and Scholarships    February               363.230(D)
Heightened Level of Security                        April                     Field Operations Memo 2010-50
Income, exclude                                         February               363.230(K),
Interim Reporting                                        December             Operations Memo 2011-43
Negative Errors                                           March                   Field Operations Memo 2007-39
Noncitizen Status                                       October                 362.220(B)
                                                                 November              Field Operations Memo 2007-52
Overissuance                                              December              367.495
Residency                                                  December              362.100
Residents of Shelters for Battered
Women and their children                            December               365.550
Verification                                                 June                       Operations Memo 2010-55
                                                                 October                  Operations Memo 2010-55
Verification, citizen                                      October                  362.210
Verification, deductible expenses                 July                        364.450

Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children Program:

Topic                                                          Month                  Related Procedure/Policy (106 CMR:)
Child Care                                                     September             207.210(A)
Child Support Cooperation                              July                       203.700 et seq.
                                                                                           A User’s Guide, Transitional Assistance Programs
                                                                                           and BEACON, Chapter XIII, Section G,
                                                                                            pages 11-14
Citizens                                                          October           203.670
Competent Medical Authority                            June                701.600(H)
Cuban/Haitian Entrant                                      November         Field Operations Memo 2007-52
Dependent Child, age 18                                  May                 203.575
Dependent Child, under age 18                         May                 203.570
Development of Other Benefits                          November         702.700
Family Cap                                                      May                203.300
Good Cause                                                    May                 701.380
Heightened Level of Security                             April                 Field Operations Memo 2010-50
Income, other noncountable
assistance                                                       February          204.250(CC)
Noncitizen Status                                             October           203.675(A)
                                                                       November        Field Operations Memo 2007-52
Relationship                                                     February          203.585
                                                                       May                203.585
SSI                                                                  November        702.710(A)
Student Grant or Scholarship,
noncountable income                                         February         204.250(J)
Transportation Reimbursement                            September     207.210(B)
Verification                                                        July               Operations Memo 2010-55
                                                                        October          Operations Memo 2010-55
Verification, relationship                                     February         203.585(B)

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