FYI: January 2012 - Changes to the Community College Enrollment Form (CCE-1)



Changes to the Community College Enrollment Form (CCE-1)

Field Operations Memo 2010-28: SNAP Eligibility for Certain Community College Students informed staff that certain community college students are eligible for SNAP benefits if they are enrolled in career or technical education programs under the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 (Public Law 109-207), commonly known as Perkins IV. To verify eligibility the community college is required to complete the Community College Enrollment form (CCE-1).

The Department has added language to the CCE-1 explaining that the form is used to determine a student’s
eligibility for SNAP benefits, a federally means-tested program, and requests that college officials complete all relevant sections of the form and ensure the accuracy of the statement. Based on the clarifying language that was added to the form, it is the expectation that college officials will provide accurate information when completing the form. Effective immediately, case managers must use the revised form, available in the Online Forms folder in Policy Online.

Operations Memo 2011-55A
Operations Memo 2011-55A states: "Closings for failure to keep a reevaluation appointment must not be removed until the client is interviewed."

TAOs are reminded that cases that:

  • have good cause for not keeping the appointment; or
  • were scheduled to be closed due to agency error

must have the scheduled closing pulled if the client contacts the TAO.

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