FYI: BEACON-Generated Universal Semiannual Report Form


The new BEACON-generated Universal Semiannual Report (USR form) will be preprinted with information known to the Department about the semiannual reporting AU. Beginning in mid-September, the USR form will mailed to semiannual reporting AUs due to recertify. The USR form will be mailed along with the Multi-language card and RR/FSP-1B. It re- places the FSP-RCF form which is currently mailed to semiannual reporting AUs.

The USR form serves as the recertification notice. The introductory page will include the date by which all necessary items must be returned for FS benefits to continue uninter- rupted. The introduction page also collects general informa- tion about the AU: name change, address change, and telephone number change. It also collects a time and day to reach the client for the recerti- fication phone interview. A completed USR form along with a signed RR/FSP-1B and any necessary verification(s) are required to recertify for FS benefits.

For semiannual reporting recertifications, AU Managers need only collect verification(s) of reported change(s) or when information is questionable.

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