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Exciting changes to SNAP forms - including DTA Connect online submission!


Positive DTA changes to Interim Reports and Recertifications - including online submission through DTA Connect!

We have very exciting news to share. DTA has updated the Interim Report and Recertification forms, and also added an option to submit this information online through DTA Connect. 
When do households need to do complete an Interim Report or Recertification to keep their SNAP?
Most SNAP households need to submit reevaluation paperwork (an Interim Report or a Recertification) every 6 months. EDSAP SNAP households (elder/disabled cases) need to do a recertification every 3 years.
Previously, clients were mailed paperwork that they had to fill out and get back to DTA in person or by mail or fax. This process often caused delays and case closures due to difficulties completing the paperwork.
What are the changes?
DTA has done great work revising the forms (in consultation with MLRI and Greater Boston Legal Services) to make them simpler and easier for households to understand. 
In addition to improving the forms, DTA now has an option for households to complete the paperwork online! SNAP households can fill out this paperwork entirely online by creating a online account. DTA is still mailing out the forms as well. 
If a client needs to do an Interim Report or Recertification, when logging into they will see an alert that looks like this:
How to learn more:
DTA will be doing an overview of these changes at the May SNAP Coalition meeting in Boston. In the meantime, for more information check out the DTA Online Guide here. 
If you have any issues or questions regarding Interim Reports or Recertifications, please let Vicky Negus know at
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