EAEDC Cash Benefit Rights


1.    What is EAEDC? EAEDC stands for "Emergency Aid to the Elderly, Disabled and Children."  It is a cash benefit.

2.    Who can get EAEDC?  You can get EAEDC if you are: disabled; or caring for someone who is disabled; or 65 or older; or in a Mass. Rehab program. Also, some children who can not get TAFDC can get EAEDC.

3.    How disabled do I have to be to get benefits? To get EAEDC based on a disability: 1. You must have at least one physical or mental health problem that lasts at least 60 days. 2. You must have trouble supporting yourself through work. 

4.    Can I get EAEDC if I have a substance abuse disability? You cannot get EAEDC based on a substance abuse disability alone.  But if you have a mental or physical health problem related to the substance abuse, you may be able to get benefits. If DTA thinks you cannot properly spend your money on your basic needs, DTA may pay your benefits directly to your landlord, utility company, and other third parties. This is known as "protective payments."  

5.    Can I get EAEDC If I have income? To get EAEDC, your countable monthly income has to be less than the grant level for your family size. See DTA's EAEDC information here for information about grant amounts. 

6.    Can I get EAEDC if I have some money or own a house or car? Assets do not matter for EAEDC eligibility (unless you live in a rest home). 

7.    Will I get health care if I'm on EAEDC? You will get a MassHealth card.  MassHealth covers most health services you may need, such as doctor visits and prescription drugs. If you are an immigrant, different rules may apply. 

8.    I'm not a citizen. Can I still get EAEDC? You don't have to be a citizen to get EAEDC. If you are in the U.S. legally, you may be able to get EAEDC.  You will need to show DTA proof of your immigration status. This can be a copy of any document you have. If you do not have any document, you can use a letter written by your lawyer or a copy of a receipt. In some very limited cases, getting EAEDC may have an impact if you want to apply to get a green card. Learn more here.  

9.  How do I apply? You apply for EAEDC through the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA), either on DTAConnect.com or by phone or in-person with a local DTA office. To get the phone number or the address for a DTA office, click here

The date you sign will be the date your benefits begin. If you need help finding a doctor, getting an appointment, filling out forms, or getting an interpreter for the appointment, tell your DTA worker. The worker must help you, if you ask. Your DTA worker will give you a list of proofs you need to send DTA. 

10.  If DTA stops or denies my EAEDC benefits, can I appeal this? YES. If DTA decides to deny you or stop your benefits, you can appeal. Learn more about how to appeal here. 

11.  Can I get help with an appeal or other problems?  Legal Services may be able to help you.  Contact the Legal Services office nearest you right away.  To find the office nearest you, click on Find Legal Aid.