Assister Updates from MassHealth & Health Connector

MassHealth and Health Connector

MassHealth and the Health Connector issue regular updates via email to Certified Application Counselors and Navigators as Assister Updates that we will be posting from time to time.

However, please check our Table of COVID-19 changes because some of these polices from Mar-May have changed over time --the Table is the best source of current information. COVID-19 Related Changes Affecting MassHealth, Health Connecter, and Health Safety Net


From 5/29 Update from MassHealth

Added coverage for up to 90 days of retroactive eligibilty from date of application for under 65 (MAGI) groups normally only eligible for 10 days retro. Additional retro is by request (not automatice) goes back up to 90 days but no earlier than Mar 1, 2020 & is on a fee for service basis (not managed care)

From 5/8 Update from MassHealth  

More detail on how applicants can supply required verification by "self-attestation"

New policy for people assessed a 1-time or recurring 6-month deductible to obtain a waiver of the deductible: "The hardship waiver enables an individual to gain access to coverage as MassHealth is temporarily disregarding the deductible."

From (second)  5/8 Update from MassHealth and Health Connector

Simplification of policy for certified enrollment assisters to be able sign application and other forms based on applicant's authorization over the telephone

From 4/1 Update from Health Connector:

Reminder of  Policy for Waiver of Premium Based on Hardship

From 3/27 Update from Health Connector:

During the COVID-19 national emergency, the Health Connector will not downgrade or terminate coverage based on  failure to respond to a Request for Information to verify Eligibility or a Special Enrollment Period.

From 3/20 Update from MassHealth:

MassHealth Members Will Not Lose Coverage During Emergency

Effective immediately, MassHealth will protect coverage for all individuals who have
Medicaid coverage as of March 18, 2020 and for all individuals approved for coverage
during the COVID-19 outbreak national emergency 

From 3/18 MassHealth Update: 

MassHealth Limited
Testing and treatment for COVID-19 related services will be considered emergency and
covered by MassHealth Limited.

Public Charge

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has issued guidance that it will not
consider testing, treatment, or preventive care related to COVID-19 as part of a public