Arise, et al. v. DHCD (Complaint, Motion for Preliminary Injunction & Memo in Support)


Arise et al v. DHCD is a lawsuit filed seeking to enjoin DHCD from promulgating emergency regulations and revising its policies to implement restrictive new rules for determining when a family's health and safety are sufficiently at risk to qualify the family for emergency shelter.

Attached are the complaint; motion for a temporary restraining order/ preliminary injunction; memorandum in support of the motion; an affidavit; memorandum in support of emergency motion for reconsideration; and accompanying affidavit.  Also attached is a press release issued by MLRI, the plaintiffs' attorney, describing the lawsuit.

See the decision.

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HAS Complaint final_1.pdf (56 KB) 56 KB
HAS motionFinal_1.pdf (85.16 KB) 85.16 KB
HAS PI-7-31- FINAL_1.pdf (82.66 KB) 82.66 KB
HAS_TurleyAffidavitFinal.pdf (16.44 KB) 16.44 KB
MLRI-EA-Litigation-Press-Release-7.31.12_0.pdf (113.34 KB) 113.34 KB
AriseReconMemo.pdf (54.14 KB) 54.14 KB
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