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The latest information on SNAP/ Food Stamp advocacy in Massachusetts.

TO: SNAP Coalition Members
FR:  Pat Baker
Just a reminder of the Health Care for All Health Justice Academy series (every Wednesday in October), including this afternoon's 3 PM webinar on "Food and nutrition challenges, resources, and opportunities for immigrant families in Massachusetts during the COVID-19 crisis."  
Today's webinar is jointly presented by HCFA, MLRI and Children's HealthWatch. Register below.
 A number of updates below after Tuesday's Coalition meeting - This is a long one, but we have a lot of info to get to you all! Thank you to Ellen Vollinger from the Food Research and Action Center for her presentation on the federal landscape and to Brittany Mangini from DTA for her updates. The next Coalition meeting will be on Tues Oct 13th at 10 AM. 
SNAP supplement for September going out 10/2

This is a reminder of tomorrow’s SNAP Coalition zoom meeting (9/29) which will start promptly at 10 AM. We have a FULL agenda and will start on time.  

We also want to share some updated information on P-EBT and an important FRAC Webinar.  

P-EBT and NSLP Updates: 

A few resources below and info for Tuesday's SNAP Coalition meeting. 
Need to raise volume to #BoostSNAPnow! 
While the House passed a Continuing Resolution that includes important nutrition provisions on P-EBT and ongoing SNAP flexibilities, it does not do nearly enough - it does not provide a boost in SNAP, does not limit cuts to SNAP via USDA rule changes, does not extend boosted UI benefits, does not provide fiscal relief to states, etc. 
We have two piece of BIG news in P-EBT land:
On September 17th, the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) revised its "public charge" guidance for state workers and community organizations, at the behest of the Mass Protecting Immigrant Families (MA PIF) organizations: MLRI, MIRA, HCFA and HLA.  
We just received notice of this problem.  Please keep track of any urgent client issues (e.g. persons cut off, emergency applications not being processed) and report them to the Ombuds Office. 
Note - DTAConnect is still operating. DTA clients can communicate with DTA by writing a note and uploading it to DTA Connect if need be. And BEACON is operational, so SNAP and cash workers are presumably still able to  process cases, but the DTA Assistance Line and Senior Assistance Office (SAO) phone lines are BOTH DOWN
hanks again for a robust turnout to Tuesday’s SNAP Coalition meeting. HUGE thanks to DTA for their work to secure pandemic EBT (P-EBT) for students for September, as well as their ongoing work to provide the SNAP emergency allotment again for September (which will be issued around 10/2). 

TODAY is National Call-In Day to Urge Action for Comprehensive COVID-19 Package Before Congress Adjourns!

We hope you had a relaxing Labor Day weekend and are geared up for the battles ahead, including making sure Congress does not leave town without a robust package to fund extending Unemployment, SNAP boost and state and local aid.  Please join us for Coalition tomorrow.  Here’s some updates. 

#BoostSNAPNow campaign continues:

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