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Hotline Focus 07/10


Q. Which procedures regarding student eligibility remain the same, now that Field Operations Memo 2010-28 has been issued?
A. A student still meets the SNAP eligibility requirements if he or she is either:

  • receiving federal or state-funded work study, regardless of the amount of hours worked;
  • employed or self-employed for at least 20 hours per week averaged monthly;
  • caring for a dependent child under the age of 6;
  • caring for a child age 6 to 12 where adequate child care is not available to enable the student to attend both school and work 20 hours a week;
  • a single parent responsible for a child under age 12, regardless of availability of child care;
  • receiving TAFDC benefits; or
  • enrolled in:
    • a program of higher education through the SNAP Education and Training (E&T) Program,
    • a program under section 236 of the Trade Act, an education and training program under the Food and Nutrition Act, or
    • other state-funded or locally funded employment or training program.

Q. In using Field Operations Memo 2010-28, what new instructions must I now follow?
A. For a college student who does not appear to meet any of the student eligibility requirements described in the answer above, determine if the student is enrolled in a career or technical education program under the Perkins IV Program, or in a course of study that would lead to employment.

Q. Do I determine if the college student’s program of study meets the Perkins IV standard?
A. No. This is determined by the college official authorized to complete the Community College Enrollment Verification (CCE-1) form. If the CCE-1 form indicates that the student is attending more than half-time and is enrolled under the Perkins IV Program, or in a course of study that will lead to employment, and the student is otherwise eligible, then the case may be approved and the Narratives tab must be annotated with this information.

Q. Is it necessary for all college student applicants to return a completed CCE-1 form?
A. No. The CCE-1 form should be completed only if the applicant does not meet any of the other student eligibility requirements.

Q. Is the CCE-1 form the only way to determine the SNAP eligibility for these college students?
A. No. In lieu of a completed CCE-1 form, a signed letter from a Massachusetts college official on the school’s letterhead stating the course of study and that the student is enrolled more than half-time in a program that meets the Perkins IV Program guidelines is acceptable.

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