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SNAP Eligibility Rules/Rights for College Students


College students struggling with tuition costs and shrinking financial aid may be eligible for SNAP benefits. The following are fact sheets and check lists to help low income college students figure out if they are eligible and provide verification of their status:

MLRI Advocacy Tools:

  • Know Your Rights information on the special SNAP rules for community college students. 
  • Know Your Rights information for college students who receive a MASSGrant, work, have kids, are disabled, receive work study, etc.

DTA Forms to verify student status and non-countable financial aid:

Current DTA guidance regarding college students:

Historic DTA guidance regarding college students:

  • FAQ with a breakdown of the potentially eligible community college population in each of the 15 colleges (prepared in 2010).
  • DTA's June 2010 Field Ops memo 2010-28 about SNAP benefits for community college students (note that the verification form attached to this memo is out of date; a link to the current form is above).
  • DTA's July 2010 Hotline excerpt about SNAP benefits for community college students.
  • DTA's June 2014 Hotline Q & A on SNAP benefits for college students who come home for the summer.
  • DTA's September 2012 Training Corner reminder on college students.
  • Information about what kind of community college programs can be considered employment and training programs.

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