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SNAP Eligibility Rules/Rights for College Students


COVID-19 Update. March 2020:  Due to the pandemic crisis, DTA is relaxing the verification requirements for students whose colleges have shutdown. Students do NOT need to get the DTA forms signed by their college administers, specifically the EDUC-1 or CCE-1 forms listed below. Although DTA verification notices may include these DTA forms, students can self-declare the information requested. Students are encouraged to handwrite statements and upload them to their SNAP cases through DTA Connect or by fax or email to DTA. 

College students struggling with tuition costs and shrinking financial aid may be eligible for SNAP benefits.The Wisconsin Hope Lab issued a report in 2018 underscoring the growing food insecurity in Massachusetts among 2 and 4-year public college students. See Boston Globe on May 11, 2018. In January 2019, the Goverment Accountability Office (GAO) released a detailed report highlighting the growth of food insecurity on campus and lack of student awareness of/access to SNAP, including in Massachusetts. See The Altantic (1/9/19), Millions of College Students are Going Hungry, featuring the GAO findings. 

In addition to the SNAP/student fliers below, here's a 3-min video: My SNAP Rights: Massachusetts College Students and MLRI's Hunger Fellow report promoting SNAP EBT Access on Massachusetts Public College Campuses!  Spread the word, and take action! 

MLRI's SNAP for students fliers/FAQs:

DTA forms to verify student status and financial aid:

DTA current and archived policy guidance re SNAP and students:

  • DTA's Online Guide section on SNAP student eligibility (the DTA Online Guide contains the policy DTA workers typically refer to)
  • DTA's August 2017 Online Guide Transmittal expanding SNAP college student eligibility to recipients of MASS Grant financial aid, and that Quincy College students can qualify in the same way as 2 -year community college students. 
  • DTA's June 2010 Field Ops memo 2010-28 about SNAP benefits for community college students (note that the verification form attached to this memo is out of date; a link to the current form is above).
  • DTA's June 2014 Hotline Q & A on SNAP benefits for college students who come home for the summer.

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