What's in the Blue Envelope for People Turning 65


MassHealth is in the process of renewing eligibility for all its 2.4 million members during the one year period from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024. If eligibility can't be renewed through data matching, beneficiaries will be sent a blue envelope with a notice dated April 1, 2023 or later to be completed and returned by a deadline. Individuals who have turned 65 since their last successful renewal into the same or better coverage will be sent the Senior Renewal Application form. The senior renewal form is identical to a new application form. It includes questions about asset ownership and the value of assets that are not part of the application for most people under 65 for whom there is both a higher income limit and no asset test.

What's in the blue envelope?  Attached is a redacted example of the contents of a blue envelope dated June 9, 2023. There are 51 pages in the envelope, including a 2-page notice with the due date shown on the botton of page 1, the place for the required signature is on page 23 of the form. There are a series of Supplements to the form that only need to be completed if they apply to a person's individual situation, a separate form to designate an authorized representative who can act for the indivdual in completing the form and dealing with MassHealth, and a form for release of a tax return if needed. New April 1, 2023 is a flyer in English and Spanish saying that it's important to respond to the form or you may lose your coverage,  it also include information about new ways that people 65 and over can complete and return the form. In addition to mailing, faxing or delivering a completed form to a MassHealth Enrollment Center, now seniors can complete the form by phone, online if the notice includes on e-submission number which this form did not, or by scheduling an appointment online with the MassHealth Enrollment Center. It also has information about voter registration. Only notices dated April 1, 2023 or later can lead to terminations. 

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