USDA changes Food Stamp program name


USDA just announced that is has officially changed the name of the Food Stamp Program, on a FEDERAL level, to SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Attached is an email from FNS Regional staffer Eddie Ortega announcing the change and a link to new materials, as well as an FNS fact sheet in English and Spanish.States can use different names. Many states have either chosen alternate names or are still deliberating. Attached is a State Name Change Tracking Chart from FNS that lists the new names states are considering, the ones that have chosen SNAP (14), those that are undecided (16), continuing with Food Stamps (6), using an alternate name either pre-existing or new (17). As you know from DTA recent Field Operations Memo implementing the Farm Bill changes (2008-49), DTA will continue to use the name "Food Stamps" until a final name is chosen, likely in early 2009.

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