Urge support ASAP DTA budget amendments, Coalition agenda Tues 4/23

We look forward to connecting on Tuesday, April 23. Our Coalition meeting, as always, will be from 10-11:30 AM. We will have updates on the State Budget, federal Farm Bill and policy updates from DTA. See below. 

URGENT: Ask House Reps to co-sponsor key amendments 

Last week the House Ways and Means released their proposed budget. Nearly 1,500 amendments were filed. This week, House Members can sign on as co-sponsors to amendments filed. 


This week and early next week - before Wednesday - are critical times to get support! Members have until early 4/24 to sign on to amendments of their colleagues. Below are the key DTA-related amendments. Please contact your Rep by phone, email or social media ASAP to urge them to co-sponsor:



Not sure how to reach your State Rep? Click here! 

Tues, 4/23 Coalition Meeting Agenda 

Our next Statewide SNAP Coalition meeting is Tuesday, April 23 from 10 to 11:30 AM. Zoom link here. Agenda will include:

  • State Budget updates - both the FY25 House budget and the FY24 Supp Budget - where we are in the budget process and next steps 

  • DTA updates - end to state SNAP benefits for immigrants, DTA Assistance Line access, etc. 

  • Brief overview of federal SNAP eligibility rules for “qualified” immigrants (especially immigrants with multiple statuses - like Parole and TPS). In the meantime, see slides from MLRI/La Colaborativa on the end to state SNAP and information about federal SNAP for immigrants here

  • Federal Farm Bill updates from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities 

  • Issue sharing, etc.