Urge Gov. Healey to rescind cash cuts, state-funded SNAP, SNAP 101 resources


Happy New Year.. maybe. We need your help. The number one priority right now is to advocate with the Governor to rescind her cut to DTA cash benefits! See also info on the upcoming SNAP 101 Training on Jan 24th (yes the day after our SNAP Coalition meeting on Jan 23rd).

Keep up the noise - ask Governor Healey to rescind 9C cut to cash benefits!

Thank you for all you have done on this critical issue. We need to keep up the noise asking the Governor to rescind her cut to both TAFDC (cash for families with children/pregnant people) and EAEDC (cash for 65+, disabled). TAFDC and EAEDC benefit amounts are woefully low - below Deep Poverty. The increase that the Governor cut is critical to help 43,000 families and 29,000 older adults and people with disabilities better meet their basic living costs. 


Take Action:

  1. Call the Governor’s office: (888) 870-7770

Suggested script:  "This is [name] from [city/town].  I'm calling to urge the Governor to rescind the 9C cuts to the DTA cash programs. Grant amounts are still far below even half of the federal poverty level.  It is unconscionable for Massachusetts to fill gaps in the budget by cutting cash assistance for our lowest income families with children, elders, and people with disabilities."

  1. Click here to send an e-mail.

  2. Keep up the noise on social media! See social media kit here and share recent media coverage like today’s NBC10 article and Boston Herald

SNAP 101 Advocacy Training: Wed, 1/24 from 9:30-12:30 

Join us on Wednesday 1/24/24 for our annual SNAP training at Mass Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) in downtown Boston.This training is designed for folks new to SNAP advocacy and those who need a refresher. Virtual or in-person registration, $35 fee from MCLE. Learn more and register here

State-funded SNAP for Immigrant Households

Attached is DTA’s January 2024 update that includes information about the state SNAP benefits for certain legally present immigrants. DTA is working hard to implement this new program, which we hope will be live by the end of January or February. 


How to advise your clients:  

  • The state-funded SNAP program is not “live” right now. DTA is working hard to get it up and running. 

  • Immigrants can still apply to lock in an application date! They may get a letter that says their SNAP was denied. Once the program is operational, eligible immigrants will get benefits back to the date of their SNAP application. 

  • The immigrants eligible for the state-funded benefit are legally present immigrants who cannot get federal SNAP including those with Humanitarian Parole or battered immigrants who must wait 5 years, as well as immigrants “under color of law”. (Unfortunately, Legal Permanent Residents who are waiting for the 5 years to expire are not eligible for the new program). 

  • This program may be temporary if the state does not provide additional funds. The Feeding Our Neighbors Coalition is working hard to secure funding in the FY25 State budget. 

Resource Chart: Common Reasons for SNAP Denials/Closures and Advocacy Tips.

We know that community organizations often have questions about what to do next when SNAP is denied or closed. This chart provides explanations around the most common reasons that SNAP is denied or closed, and what next steps to take - for example, when SNAP is denied for missing the application interview, missing a Recertification, and more. 


We’ll be covering this and more in the upcoming SNAP 101 Advocacy Training on Jan 24th! Let us know if you have questions. And, stay tuned for release of the 2024 SNAP Advocacy Guide in the weeks to come!