UPDATE: State SNAP for Immigrant Households and MLRI/GBLS training tomorrow!


Happy Wednesday - We have good news!  

State SNAP for immigrant households - Round 1 benefits issued 2/15!

DTA is now issuing state SNAP benefits to legally present immigrants who qualify - the first payment will be available on EBT cards around 11 AM tomorrow, Feb 15th! The MA Legislature and Governor authorized funding for state-funded SNAP benefits on December 4, 2023. DTA has been working round the clock to stand up this new program. 

HUGE thanks to DTA Central for their hard work rolling this out! 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Retroactive state SNAP for mixed status households: Households with members currently getting federal SNAP and members newly eligible for state SNAP will get the state benefits, retroactively to December 4, on their EBT cards tomorrow, 2/15 (payment available around 11 AM). They do not need to apply to get these dollars. DTA is mailing a state SNAP approval notice and sending a text to these households tomorrow, 2/15. 

  • Applications denied since December 4: DTA is also working on re-opening and issuing back benefits to immigrants who meet the state SNAP rules, applied for and who meet the state SNAP rules. Stay tuned for details on that!

  • New applications: As of today (2/14) DTA has put in place new notices and procedures for households who apply for SNAP and who are eligible for state SNAP. 

  • Notices for new applicants: DTA is mailing families two notices in the same envelope - a denial letter for federal SNAP (or a partial approval notice for mixed status households) and an approval notice for state SNAP. We know this is confusing!  Note that DTA workers are supposed to first check if SNAP applicants are eligible for federal SNAP before providing state SNAP - so double check if the denial is correct.Tune into the training tomorrow to learn more. 

Coalition members can continue encouraging low-income immigrant households to apply for SNAP. Please let us know if you have any questions or see any issues with federal or state SNAP benefits. 


Training tomorrow, Thursday, Feb 15th from 3-4:

MLRI and GBLS are hosting a one hour training to share more about how this state SNAP program works, who is eligible, what notices they will get, and how to learn more. 

This virtual training is tomorrow from 3-4 PM. Click here to register for the Zoom.  

If you are interested in DTA’s guidance sent to the field, here’s DTA’s Online Guide issued to workers:OLTG-9: Implementing the State SNAP Supplement 

FY25 Budget Campaign to continue Funding!

If you are not a member, please join the Feeding Our Neighbors Coalition to help us advocate for continued funding!  Please ask your State Rep and Senator to ask for funding in their FY25 budget priorities as they meet with Leadership. Take Action HERE.