Unified Planning Teams (UPT) 101 CMR 17.00


Regulation on Unified Planning Teams (interagency teams) for children with complex needs. A child has complex needs if they are involved with at least three state agencies. "Involvement with a state agency consists of :

(1) being determined eligible to receive services by a state agency;

(2) having an application for services pending with a state agency;

(3) being placed in DYS custody or supervision by a juvenile court in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on bail or commitment orders; or

(4) being involved with DCF pursuant to M.G.L. Chapters 18B and 119, or their corresponding regulations."

UPTs offer a process to improve coordination of services for children involved with three or more state agencies and who have complex needs.  Teams provide a forum to determine appropriate services and the agency responsible for coordinating services.


A flyer on UPTs is available on Mental Health Legal Services website.