Teaming with an Interpreter Free Online Training Course

Speaking Your Languages

Speak Your Languages is an effort through Highline Public Schools that offers a free, online, self study training program specially designed for English-speaking users of interpretation or translation services to communicate effectively and build trust with individuals who are limited English proficient.

Teaming with a Translator ( "is a course designed for those who are responsible for translation projects but who are not knowledgeable about languages or translation. The knowledge you acquire in this course will greatly increase your skill in overseeing the translation needs of your organization, whether you are directly supervising the work or delegating the supervisory task to others and whether you are doing your translation in-house or contracting it out." [Editor's Note: Link is no longer active]

Teaming with an Interpreter ( "is a course designed for anyone who wants to communicate clearly with people who do not speak English. Since it is about a team approach, interpreters will also find this course useful. All types of organizations will benefit, including businesses, professional services, non-profits, government entities and educational institutions" [Editor's Note: Link is no longer active]


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