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Support 3 months retroactive MassHealth coverage -Sign-on to CMS Letter by Feb 3

Please support reinstating three months retroactive coverage for all MassHealth beneficiaries by signing on to our comments to CMS by Feb 3, 2022

The Medicaid statute requires state Medicaid programs, like MassHealth, to pay for health care that Medicaid-eligible people received up to three months before they completed a Medicaid application.  Since 1997 CMS has allowed MassHealth to waive three month’s retroactive coverage for most MassHealth beneficiaries under age 65. 

If your organization agrees that all MassHealth beneficiaries should have the benefits of three months retroactive coverage, please sign-on to our letter to CMS at this link : CMS Sign On Letter -3 Months Retro

Comments to CMS are due by February 3, 2022. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, MassHealth reinstated three months retroactive coverage for all MassHealth beneficiaries. However, in its request to extend the 1115, MassHealth says it will continue three months retroactive coverage for pregnant women and children, but it is asking CMS to once more waive three months retroactive coverage for most other adults under 65 for another 5 years.

Retroactive coverage saves low income people from devastating medical debt and opens the door to accessing necessary care. Families can spend their limited resources on food and housing not on paying off medical bills. Retroactive coverage also helps lessen the uncompensated care burden on providers, particularly safety net providers that serve a large percentage of low-income patients

Please join our comments to CMS!

For any questions please email Vicky Pulos, or call 617-357-0700 Ext 318