State Senate Budget Update and Reminder re Org Letter to Congress to Oppose SNAP Cuts

A couple of quick updates from the front lines: 

MLRI Analysis of Senate Ways and Means FY25 Budget

Here’s a link to MLRI’s analysis of selected sections of the Senate Ways and Means (SWM) FY25 proposed budget released on Tuesday.  MLRI’s analysis focuses on a range of key line items that impact DTA cash and food benefits, MassHealth/Connector Care, Child Welfare, Housing and Homelessness Services, Legal Services. And here’s an analysis by MassBudget of the SWM budget that looks at both the state revenue picture/escrow as well as highlights on Education, Transportation, Housing, Local Aid and Cash grants. 


Amendments must be filed by Senators by 2 PM on Friday. The Amendment numbers will likely not appear until Monday (or perhaps over the weekend), and co-sponsors can sign on throughout next week and until the Amendment is taken up by the Senate the week of May 20th. However, it is not too soon to let Senators know of the needs of your constituents and core priorities.  


Right now, some of the amendments that will likely be filed include:


  • A Lift the Kids cash grant amendment to move the cost of living earlier for TAFDC and EAEDC cash benefits to earlier in the upcoming fiscal year

  • A Feeding our Neighbors amendment to restore state-funded SNAP for legally present immigrants ineligible for federal SNAP (the benefits for 5,000 families ended April 30th)

  • A Hunger Free Campus amendment to provide funding for food security initiatives in 2 and 4 years state colleges

  • A Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) amendment to address the shortfall in funding 

  • Food Literacy funding to support the school wellness coaching program and the FRESH grant program.


As soon as we have the amendment numbers, we will share this information (likely Monday AM).  Additionally, we learn of other amendments of priority to the Coalition, we will let you know. .


Organizational Sign on Letter to MA Delegation Opposing Cuts to SNAP - Deadline May 13th!

Gentle reminder to add your organization to the sign on letter from Massachusetts orgs to our members of Congress (Reps and Senators) to oppose the House Agriculture Committee proposed $30B cut to SNAP over the next 10 years. The sign-on form and text of the letter is HERE.