SSI Special Benefits

State Department of Transitional Assistance and Commission for the Blind

Information on 2005 SSI Special Benefits, which are benefits paid by the state to SSI recipients for disaster relief, funeral expenses, and moving expenses in some circumstances.

State Assistance for Special Needs


State Department of Transitional Assistance and Commission for the Blind.

Special Needs Circumstances

Vendor payments in lieu of cash payments.

Disaster benefits: Replacement of specific items of furniture, household equipment, supplies, food, and clothing for SSI recipients when these items were lost because of a natural disaster or fire. (Amounts exempted in determining SSI eligibility.)

Burial expenses: Payment of funeral and burial expenses for SSI recipients shall not exceed $1,100, and the total expense shall not exceed $1,500. When a resource exists, it is deductible from the total expense (maximum $1,500), and the payment by the department must not exceed $1,100 of the balance.

Rest home subsidies: When cost exceeds the total available income, excluding personal needs allowance, the state will pay difference up to established maximum rates.

Moving expenses: The cost of moving within the state for SSI recipients may be paid once in a 12-month period if:

  • Present living quarters have been certified as substandard,
  • Moving to new quarters is necessary because of health problems or lack of safety in old neighborhood,
  • Recipient is moving into federal or state subsidized housing, or
  • Recipient is forced to move for other reasons.
  • Total payment not to exceed $150.  

Homemaker and housekeeper services: The Department of Elder Affairs performs homemaker and housekeeping services for recipients aged 60 or older. The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission provides these services for recipients under age 60.